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Episode 8

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15th Apr 2023

S2E11 Nobody is Listening America

 Pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible liberty.

Hello everybody and welcome to this 11th episode of 20. Three. And while I'm getting Patrick on the phone, I wanna remind you to go check out a merch story, find it in American Spirit Novelties and Apparels store. Alright, Patrick's on. My name is Chris Williams and you're listening to the Constitution Commanders.

El Salvador. El Salvadorian president made a. That America can no longer talk about democracy to anybody else in the world, and they really can. He's one of the ones that has come out and been vocal about it. Now, believe this. There are many world leaders that are saying the exact same thing. We have lost any moral high ground that we ever had.


Yeah, we went from 

a country that everybody wanted to be like or wanted to be a part of to, nobody wants anything to do with red, white, and blue. Nope. And, and I do mean nobody, and I've been saying that since we pulled out of Afghanistan and, and I mean, I don't know if anybody's really been watching the news like I have or, you know, trying to keep up with world events.

I have, uh, you know, recently heard about the AAR that was released by the, by Pentagon and the d o d and it is BS as a matter of fact. Who was that Admiral? I, I, I mean, I'm ashamed that this dude was even part of the Navy, but he claimed Herby. Yeah. This is not an ar of accountability, just to see what happens Well, what in the world are you having an A look, an after-action review?

Look, I went in the Navy first, so the Army jargon is still kinda unfamiliar to me, even though I was in the Army for a while. But the thing is, I know what an AAR is. Yep. And an after-action review. You discussed what happened during this evolution, and you figured out where your mistakes 

were. You figured out who's right, 

what you did right, what you can improve on, and what your mistakes were, and, you refine it, you make it better, which means accountability has to come into play.

You can't improve anything without accountability. So this admiral says that this report was not put out for accountability. Okay, hanging number one. I don't understand these people, how they even try to pull the wool. Actually, you know what? I'm just gonna say it. These people aren't pulling the wool over anybody's eyes.

Okay? And I'm talking to the American people right now. You just refuse to see the truth. That's all there is to it.

I know I'm gonna sound like a real pain in the ass today, but I have actually, and I'm not blaming anybody because anybody that knows me knows I like to help people out, and I will help people to a fault of my own. But those days are long gone. Long gone, and. Go ahead and call me anti-Christian if you want to, and we can bring up the verse that you told me about earlier in Isaiah six.

And I promise you you'll see it's not anti-Christian. Oh, wait. No, you won't. Cause you're too blind to see the truth anyway. 

Well, another thing, this is one of these things that are right in your face that people refuse to acknowledge the Chinese spy. Oh my God. Now they're releasing that. There is intel that says that China was collecting data in real time, excuse me, real-time data that we know the balloon was able to be directed or directionally controlled, and that all the data that it had collected, it was sending real time back to.

And by 

the way that they said that that balloon was doing figure eight patterns over, was it Wyoming? Some of our 


systems. Military installations. Yep. And this is the thing now, we had eyes on that before it even got over the Aleutian Islands before it left China over the Pacific. Yeah. Now why? I mean, I want people to use dig down deep into that darkest compartment that's been closed off called rational thinking.

Now it is a freaking balloon. I don't give a damn how large the balloon is, what the structure of the balloon is, or the makeup of this balloon, but this is 2020. If somebody is going to tell me that the United States Department of Defense or Door AD does not have the capability to pop a freaking balloon after we put somebody on the moon, then there's a problem.

So to me, that tells me that the Biden administration had perfect knowledge of what China was. Allowed it to happen because China has given the Biden family so much money. Mm-hmm. Biden is working for China, not the American people. I've 

been saying that for a long time. I even got onto a few congressmen, including the one in our district.

I don't mind mentioning his initials, Michael Guest, but ever since Biden stole the Oval Office, and yes, I said stole. I have been on Congressman about not doing what they've been doing, which is simply putting a camera in front of their face and saying what they're doing, but telling Biden what he needs to do.

That look, you're not playing me like that. You already know Biden is doing what he needs to do because he's not an American president. He works for China, impeaches him, and get him out of it. And legitimately prosecute him under the laws of the land, which would make him fall under the on, under the category of treason.

Everybody in the Biden administration is committing treason. If you don't believe that, just read the Constitution that he rose his right hand and swore to uphold, defend, and preserve. 

And treason is basically to provide aid and comfort to the mil, to a foreign adversary, or to an enemy of the nation.

That is correct. And that's what 

he has begun over and over and over again. And with that SP balloon, I'm just gonna tell you now, our government knew that thing was launched. I mean, China probably caused it. Hey, we're a piece of launch this balloon. It's ironed. Don't shoot it down. And instead of just not letting the American people know what it is, They made sure the American people didn't know what it was.

You can't tell '

em. They weren't even gonna tell anybody about it until some civilians saw it overhead on the East Coast. Uh, somebody up in, uh, South Dakota or somewhere. I, man, and I, I'm, I'm not even gonna name a statement 'cause I don't know what state they were from. I know it was in the up there west region.

In the region of the Canadian border. Mm-hmm. Yeah, there were people up there that were taking pictures of it. Yeah. You know, what is this? You know, that was the first time any civilian heard about this damn balloon. The government was, if that guy didn't look up and see it, the government wasn't going to tell us.

And the government knew it was up there before. I mean, look, I said the same thing back when we were hunting Osama Bin Laden. Okay. Because some of the news reports came out that he was hiding in caves in the. Okay, listen, I was in the military and I was really amazed at the technology that the military has, and you could not convince me then or ever after having been in the military and seen some of this technology.

You cannot convince me that O Solo bin laded at six-five. Was that typical to find with the technology that we utilized?

As I said, then Ben Laden and the Bushes are on each other's payroll. That's why they couldn't find him. Not to mention the fact we trained 

him well, not just that Iraq and Afghanistan were supposed to be neverending Wars. They were not wars to win, right? They were. They were supposed to. A reason for the industrial, uh, military, industrial, military-industrial complex to tap into our resources, our tax dollars.

That's all it was. And the politicians that acted on it and sent us over there were getting paid by the military-industrial complex. I, I don't 

forget the extra money that we made by, you know, sending our construction companies over there. The resources that we were really over there to get, had nothing to do with what we, what the country was convinced we were over there for.

I mean, face it, we had to kill 3000 of our own people to convince the American people to go over fight war. We didn't need to be in. That's what it took. Yeah. And don't forget all the international walls. That's exactly correct. So we could, you know, forget all the laws that we have to adhere to as far as international, um, relations or even war and peacetime.

There are certain things that keep us from doing what we did. So they didn't wait for the American people to give permission. They just threw up a false flag that made the American people so. We didn't give a crap about the laws that we were supposed to abide by. It was to turn their country into the glass.

Did anybody notice how long we were in Afghanistan, to begin with? 

Well, most people aren't aware of America going in and season control of these opium fields and producing heroin by the ass loads and bringing it into America and spreading it around the world. 

And I wanna bring up something else too,, I know we're probably bouncing from one place to the next in these conversations here, but I heard in the ar that was given at least the one that was released to the public 14 times, the prior administration was blamed for the Afghanistan fiasco.

Explain to me how it is that the, that the existing administration and, if you pay attention at all to politics, nobody accepts responsibility for anything. Okay. But we're three years into the Biden administration or the Biden corruption. How in the world can they declare that the way we left Afghanistan, Falls at the table of the Donald Trump administration?

Now, Trump did have a plan coming out of Afghanistan. He did, and he was planning to pull out of Afghanistan. He was. But people, the way we came out of Afghanistan was not only wrong for this country, but it was also wrong for all of our allies and quiet. China and Russia are salivating at the way we pulled out of Afghanistan.

That was not Trump's plan, and any moron knows that you don't pull out of a country that you've been at war with the way we did in Afghanistan, and let's not talk about the American lives that were lost because of that extraction happening the way it.

Namely 13 American troops, and young troops. Okay. I don't even think the oldest one was 21, but we basically just sacrificed a bunch of American lives, not to mention the people in Afghanistan who were helping us out, that we were granting Amer American citizenship to, for them. How many people did we lose?

You're not gonna get that in an AAR from the Biden administration. What you're gonna get from the Biden administration is a bunch of BS about it being Trump's fault.

They're not even Trump for everything. Of course they 

do. Of course, they do. And you know what, that's, that's always a flag for me. Anybody who doesn't ever accept responsibility for anything. They're lying. They're absolutely lying for Biden, an administration to be blaming the Trump administration.

Doesn't this beg the question? Are you even are, are you even a president or anybody in the administration? Since you have no responsibility, you must be full of incompetent. Because as far as I'm concerned, you're telling everybody you're not even doing your job.

Yeah, it's 

crazy, ma'am. It's crazy, man. As crazy. It gets, I mean, we're watching lunacy be overlooked by the masses, and to me it is unfathomable. It's just like complete fiction. If you were to create a. 30 years ago. And the simple plot or the, the theme of the movie was you take a republic and you slowly imprison, then persecute your civilians.

And if the, the script plays out like what we're watching today, people would've.

I mean, but now that they are literally witnessing this stuff, well, actually 

30 years ago, if a movie with that theme and that plot had ever been produced, it would've gone nowhere. It just wouldn't be believable. 

But then when you turn around and look at it today, people are living it. People are feeling the pinch at the grocery store, at the gas station.

They're literally, people who have watched how many food processing plants, food storage facilities, and poultry processing plants. How many things have we watched? Chemical fires from 

derailments, just derailments, period. 

How? How many things have the American people firsthand watched and witnessed and they still deny it is happening?

See, that is what is, so I I, it's like I'm living in a make-believe world. Mm-hmm. It's like, how do y'all not recognize? But see, once again, it goes back to what I said earlier. I think they do recognize it. Mm-hmm. I think this is their objective. This is their goal. This is what the citizen that argues any of those points.

Mm-hmm. This is what they want. Right. They want America to collapse. 

Now what, what could be the, you know what, what could be the reason? For being an American citizen and wanting it to collapse. Now, that's beyond me. I mean, well, it is, it's, it's the same thing you're saying. I don't like the house I live in, so you just light it 

up, and burn it down.

That's what you're doing. But see, I look at it the same way, but we weren't quite, we, we were outta school before the level of indoctrination, if. These people really believed that our founding fathers were evil. Mm-hmm. They really believed that the Constitution was written by racist people and that it, it itself was to oppress a certain group of people.

These people nowadays truly believe, oh yeah, you know that we are in an evil nation. These people honestly believe it. That's correct. And the only way they can in their. In their mind from what they've been taught is that socialism is utopian. It is so far from that, this thing, they don't fully understand there is only one utopia and it does not exist on this earth.

That's right. And socialism is only the little sister of communism. Mm-hmm. That is what's socialism when it grows. And it matures. That is where it goes to communism. Mm-hmm. You know, and people honestly believe this shit. And that's why I have serious questions about what you do with the masses of people when we take the country back.

I am not one that believes that reeducation is going to work. I believe that you strip these people of their citizenship, Or you try, you prosecute them for treason. Yep. Because their acts are treasonous. They are trying to overthrow not just the country or the government, but the founding principles of our country.

That is treasonous. 

And that is Now, by the way, he, he said, Tre, that's but for the people who are listening, if you don't believe that's treason, you can't find any plainer language. Than that in the Constitution.

And you don't have to be a lawyer to read it or understand it. 

No, it's written in pretty plain English. Uh, well written. Their use of the English language was exponentially greater than anybody's today, and I pick that 

period of language was much better. Oh, oh, no, no. 

Absolutely. It hadn't been, uh, corrupted by then, right?

I mean, it was starting to, in some areas, I'm sure. I mean, there's always been changes to English, but I mean, I'm just saying that they were so elegant with their words. Mm-hmm. They utilized words to say a lot, few words meant a lot, and that's another reason. You have today's generation is making up words or changing the definitions of words like, you know, the fed.

Oh no, the definition. I mean, ever since before I was alive, the definition of a recession was too who could Consecutive executive quarters with negative GDP growth. That's right. Well, it's been that way for over 50, 60, or 70 years. And now all of a sudden with this evil mon administration and his lackeys running all of these damn offices and departments of the government, the bureaucracy, they all of a sudden come out and say, no metric for what a damn recession is because employment is still good.

No, you cannot change.

Agenda. That's not how, how English works has no different than them saying, you asking somebody in the cabinet or in a bureaucracy what a woman is. Hell, not just in the government. Go to any corporation nowadays. Ask 'em what a woman is. Oh, I don't know. Can a man get it? Yes. I mean, really are delusional.

Y'all are, y'all are learning apathy. I mean, it's like I'm, there are not enough mental institutions in this country to attend to the needs of the greater population of this 

movement, huh? No, that's true. And look, if never mind, I don't wanna go there so bad. Yeah, I'll go there. For anybody to think that Joe Biden is, first of all, our president, you, you gotta think about one thing.

He, he's not serving this country. Period. And for anybody to think that what he says about what does he call, uh, Republicans now, the uh oh, the extremist. The extremist Maga. Okay. We, I, I'm I'll proudly claim to be an extreme MAGA participant because what we believe in is simply this, the freedoms or the liberties that are God-given.

And, I'm hoping some of you sit here and can take, I want you to leave a comment, please and say that you don't believe in God because you got a lot to learn, but God gave us certain freedoms and liberties, and those are all listed in our constitution. You just, just check the first two amendments and that covers it.

But we. Certain freedoms and liberties. We believe that all Americans should and should be, you know, covered by, but 

well, we believe that every person on this planet was given those liberties. Yes, we do, but 

our constitution and the government don't permit it. Right. 

Right. I mean, we believe that every person living on the planet has those exact same liber.

Our Constitution doesn't need

to restrict the government. That's correct. That's to preserve those 

rights. And, our founding fathers did believe in small government. We, they knew that if a government got too large, it was gonna be bad for the people. And the only way for you as a citizen of the United States of America too. The protection for those freedoms was to have a small government.

That's, that stuff was pretty plain, isn't it? It's 

about as plain as it 

gets. You know, John Kennedy at his, in his time was the youngest president to ever serve. And in all actuality, according to the founding fathers, their belief was that you could not be a Catholic and serve as a president because your loyalties will be divided.

And yet John Kennedy has been the only presidential candidate questioned about his Catholicism, and his response was remarkable. Any man who desires the office of the President and does not serve the needs of the Americans. Does not need to run because they're not deserving of the office. But John Kennedy also in one of his more famous speeches, and you've all heard this, I'm sure it's not, ask not what your country can do for you.

Ask what you could do for your country. And then he said to the rest of the world, ask not what America can do for you. Ask what we could do together for the betterment of all humanity. That's right. To me, that covers everything that this country was founded for. We, we were, we're one we were never supposed to be the world police.

We were never supposed to be the ones that, just vague countries because they have resources we want, we were supposed to take care of. Period. That is our first responsibility.

In reality, that's our only responsibility. However, there have been many elected...

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